Membership Information

"INI OFFICIAL FANCLUB" is a monthly fan club service (monthly membership fee can be paid together).
You can choose the payment method from [Monthly Membership Fee Bundle Payment Course] [Monthly Membership Fee Course].

  • 01

    Monthly Membership Fee Bundle Payment Course

    new membership
    Membership fee 6,600 yen (tax included) / 12 months
    payment method
    Accepts credit card/ Paypal /d payment
    ※クレジットは自動継続となります。停止の操作は会員期限月の20日までに「MYページ」から行っていただきます。 期日を過ぎますと自動継続となりますので、ご注意ください。
    About membership period and renewal
    Monthly fee lump sum payment course membership period is from the date of completion of the enrollment procedure until the end of the year one year later.
    ①If you join on July 15, 2021 [Membership deadline] Until the end of July 2022
    ②If you join from June 13, 2021 to June 30, 2021 [Membership deadline] Until the end of July 2022
    * Since the fan club content will start from July 13th, the membership period for those who joined early in June will be the deadline for ② above.
  • 02

    Monthly Membership Fee Course

    new membership
    550 yen (tax included) / 1 month
    payment method
    Supports d payment / au simple payment / Softbank collective payment / credit card payment

Member Contents


    You can apply for INI OFFICIAL FANCLUB member ticket advance reservation.
    In the lottery, Monthly Membership Fee Bundle Payment Course has the highest priority.
    *Tickets are not guaranteed.
    *Priority may change depending on precedence.


    Official FANCLUB limited photos such as performance photos and behind-the-scenes shots released


    Deliver messages from members and original projects that can only be seen here!


    Various handwritten contents by members' handwriting!


    We will deliver the daily life of the members!


    We will deliver the state of the members as seen from the staff.


    Deliver fan club limited WEB RADIO!

  • Q&A

    Members will answer questions submitted by members.
    *We will respond to your inquiries and questions on the radio.

  • GAME

    Enjoy game content such as compatibility diagnosis!


    A membership number is issued (Monthly Membership Fee Bundle Payment Course only) and a digital membership card is issued!

  • We will deliver different original benefits every year to everyone who has continued!
    * If you register for the "Monthly Membership Fee Bundle Payment Course" and continue, it will be delivered

  • If you do not have a Plus member ID (formerly EMTG ID)

    (If you live overseas)

    Go to registration

  • If you have a Plus member ID (formerly EMTG ID)

    (If you live overseas)

    Go to registration

* About "Plus member ID (former: EMTG ID)"
It is an ID that can be used in common on other sites that have introduced the ticket-pla system.
If you are one of the following, you already have an ID.
・People who used services (fan clubs, mobile sites, goods stores, etc.) operated by Fanplus (formerly EMTG)
・Those who have used the ticket-pla electronic ticket (former EMTG electronic ticket) or official trade service
・People who used lottery pla (PRODUCE 101 JAPAN SEASON2 mobile lottery, etc.)
・Those who purchased viewing tickets on FanStream/StreamPass